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Customized Products & Services

We can develop various combinations of the below products to present a product or service suited for the specific requirements of entrepreneurs, incubators, funders, or training institutes.

The Entrepreneur must be on a continuous journey to develop his knowledge, business skills, and soft skills to ensure a growing and sustainable business. We want to make it possible for the entrepreneur to embark on such a journey with us.

With our assessment programs and tailor-made development programs based on these assessments we can satisfy the unique requirements of an individual entrepreneur, and this enhances the growth of his business.

Products for Entrepreneurs

Using our assessments, we will be able to perform quick, specific assessments of the entrepreneurs’ development needs.

Emphasize individualized, focused business and personal development programs for the entrepreneurs.

With these tools the incubator will be able to reduce development cost for the entrepreneurs and increase the sustainability of the entrepreneurial business.                

Products for Incubators

With our products and expertise, we develop win- win relationships between funders and entrepreneurs.

The implications will be an increased return of investments in entrepreneurial companies.

We can also assist in identifying the problems entrepreneurial businesses encounter.

The good news is that whether you are a funder looking for an exceptional entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur seeking much-needed funding, MyElearning.Education provides a wealth of knowledge and practical resources to help you find a partner – and nurture winning partnerships.

Products for Funders

Training Institutes do have a responsibility of identifying entrepreneurial potential of their students and support the development of the entrepreneurial abilities of those students with interest and potential in entrepreneurship.

With the MyElearning.Education assessment tools and individualized online/blended training programs we will be able to assist these institutes to develop these capabilities

Products for Training Institutes


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