our business

We enable entrepreneurs to develop financially sustainable businesses, enjoy a balanced lifestyle, and achieve personal fulfilment.

By building a team of knowledgeable associates we can  support and assist self-employed entrepreneurs to optimise their human and business potential.

We adapt and apply the most advanced technology in order to develop the untapped potential of these entrepreneurs and their businesses.

By integrating expertise and technology with the business and personal needs of the entrepreneur, we enable them to develop financially sustainable businesses, enjoy a balanced lifestyle, and achieve personal fulfilment.

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“75% of entrepreneurial businesses fail in the first 5 years. I don’t want to be a statistic; I want to achieve sustainable success!”

Empowered Leaders

“I am concerned that poverty, inequality and unemployment may damage my community’s socio-economic stability and development.”

Subject Matter

“I have a wealth of expertise that can help entrepreneurs achieve success. I want to share my expertise and knowledge and be rewarded for it.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase the number of sustainable businesses in emerging economies by unlocking and integrating the personal and business potential of entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

We support entrepreneurs, enabling them to master and balance their personal and business potential, to live live a life of abundance.

Our Values

We believe that successful entrepreneurs are characterised by their ability to blend their personal, business and social lives in order to achieve and enjoy personal fulfilment.

With this firmly in mind, we have formulated the following unwavering values to guide our team working on the project.

We believe that all human beings have untapped potential. This potential can be optimized, but only if we are willing to dream big about the future, take action and not allow our mind-set to limit us.

Through the MyElearning.Education approach, we can help you become grateful and hopeful in your personal and business life, enabling you to live the life that you dream of.

We are passionate about optimizing personal potential. We are committed and devoted to supporting business people to develop themselves and achieve business mastery.

We strongly believe that all individuals have unique personal skills, talents and knowledge, which they should be willing to share with others for mutual development, optimization of personal abilities, and business mastery. The great reward of such cooperation is that all of us will become winners in our personal and business lives.

We believe that by surrounding ourselves and working with positive people towards a shared purpose, we will naturally enrich the self-confidence, self-esteem, optimism and gratitude in the lives of our clients, supporters and contributors.

We can only “live” these values through integrity, honesty, mutual respect and shared support through communication, irrespective of the circumstances.

We will strive to achieve excellence in our service and support, using the most relevant, up to date technology and expertise.

Our Founder’s Story

If you find your passion you can become unstoppable.
– Unknown

“Passions and dreams drive each one of us; they energise us and add deeper meaning to our lives. My passion is to help people achieve their true potential.

It’s my way of making a useful contribution to mankind. Hopefully, my efforts will leave the world a better place.

My goal is to build a network of experts and organisations to unlock human potential.”

Our Focus

“Research proves that every successful self-employed individual employs on average five other people. This means one person making a real difference in the lives of at least five families.” 

MyElearning has the potential to make a difference in the lives of many people. This difference will be most visible in disadvantaged communities and especially in the developing world, where a greater need exist for affordable workplace-focused development and business and personal mentor-ship.

Our Action Plan

“…the focus will be on supporting established entrepreneurs to develop sustainable businesses.”

While still serving the growing entrepreneur, the strategy will now focus wider.

The quest will be to tackle the bigger, more fundamental problem: humankind’s inability to be aware that we can develop our full human potential.

To enable this great and important task, my network of colleagues, associates, knowledge providers, subject matter experts, mentors, benefactors and I will use different and newer, next-level technologies, some of which are still being developed.