Why are we focusing on sustainable entrepreneurs first?

Entrepreneurs are, by their very nature, keen learners.

They are typically, self-reflective. sustainable entrepreneurs, especially, have learnt the value of embracing relevant, to-the-point guidance and teaching. Sustainable entrepreneurs in particular are at a more mature life stage.  They can by now discern between valuable, credible sources of learning and superficial, inadequate offerings (of which there are many out there on the internet).

We see focusing on this knowledge-hungry sector as the quickest way for our team to stimulate “people development” in communities.

Their development will have a chain-reaction. That’s because these sustainable entrepreneurs have influence. Their choices and successes typically impact the lives of many other people: their families and the people they do, or can, employ.

A big need exists for the kind of integrated learning that MyElearning.Education will offer. (Integrated in the sense of combining business and personal development.)

Research proves that every successful self-employed individual employs on average five other people. This means one person making a real difference in the lives of at least five families.

MyElearning.Education has the potential to make a difference in the lives of many people. This difference will be visible in disadvantaged communities and especially in the developing world, where a need exist for affordable workplace-focused development and business and personal mentorship.