Evaluating Business

Evaluating Business Culture and boost teamwork between funders and entrepreneurs

When funders invest in an entrepreneurial company, a new relationship is established of two teams joining forces to collaborate and achieve newly defined goals. A relationship of interdependence is established with performance expectations from both parties towards this new entity. An alignment of expectation, collaboration and interdependence between funders and entrepreneurs.

Each of these parties in the new relationship has their own unique organisational cultures, or the “the way we do things around here” as encompassed in their respective behaviours, values, visions, working style, beliefs, and habits.

These different cultures must be “integrated” in the new partnership to develop the interdependence and collaboration so vital for a successful win-win partnership in the entrepreneurial company.

The importance of culture has been emphasised by many research studies. The Harvard study “Link Between Culture and Outcomes” is one of many such studies. The Chapman Leadership Institute quantify the “Benefits of Developing a Strong Culture“.

If cultural issues are not addressed, it can have a serious impact on the future sustainability of the partnership.

Our experts can help you to develop an ideal plan to integrate the expertise of the teams by defining:

  • clear communication channels between the relevant parties.

  • the responsibilities of the parties, the mutual expectations, the reporting structure, goals, vision, and mission statements.

  • contributions made by both parties towards the success of the partnership.

  • the “how and what” needed to be developed jointly.

The principle that both parties are contributing towards the success of the partnership is made clear. Funders need the specialized expertise of the entrepreneur, and the entrepreneur needs the funds from the funder. Both are equal partners, jointly creating a successful new venture. Each party cannot be successful without the other. Therefore, a joint plan of interdependence needs to be developed. We can help you with that.

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