How we do it

For an entrepreneur, the journey to success is often hampered by hurdles. Reaching success becomes easier when you have a committed guide, providing business and personal help every step of the way. Let MyElearning.Education guide you on how we do it to lead you onto the road to business and personal fulfilment and success.

how we do it

Using innovative technology to drive an interactive knowledge and skills portal, we support entrepreneurs with the expertise of experienced business and personal development professionals, enabling them to master and balance their personal and business potential, so that they will learn to live a life of abundance.

our solutions

Evaluating the needs of self-employed entrepreneurs who choose to be successful, we custom-create a journey of personal and business growth by curating the most appropriate learning content produced by a team of experts.

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how to
achieve your goals

Our holistic approach is aimed at integrating your business, personal and social life so that you can attain a life of balance and abundance.

your individualised
action plan

Our online, tailor-made business and personal development action plan is your road map on the journey to success.

making the most of



We offer the entrepreneur a unique set of solutions

Everyone has different needs, dreams and capabilities. Using scientific analysis, we will evaluate your real needs. Your needs may be of a personal nature, or it may be strictly business related. Taking your first step to address your needs will put you on the road to success.

Based on our evaluation, we will curate an action plan of learning. Choose the full program or pick the module or topics that will solve your immediate challenges in your business or your personal life.

Once you have completed the customised development path you can re-evaluate your competence to measure the level of your business and personal growth.

MyElearning.Education will guide you and teach you skills for life – simply follow the easy steps

Benefits of completing your personal and business development journey

  • Your entrepreneurial business becomes more sustainable

  • You can determine what success is for you, and then work towards achieving it

  • Your personal and business life becomes more integrated and balanced

  • You have made progress on your journey to achieve self-fulfilment or self-actualisation

  • You have started to unlock your personal and business potential

  • You experience changes in mindset and in real life and start to flourish

  • You’ve taken action to develop your true potential, which means you are making progress to  become the best you can be, both in business and in your personal relationships

modular course design

choose just what you need

You may select and buy a complete course, or you may prefer to choose only a module, section, or topic. Picking any number and combination of course units is possible too. It depends entirely on your individual needs.

This flexibility means you can:

  • Develop an individualised programme based on your needs. It will be a combination of modules,  sections or topics from the different courses.

  • Buy just one or two topics from one course to solve a specific personal or business development problem. Or…

  • Buy a combination of topics from different courses according to your needs and complete your own customised program.

The courses are structured to satisfy the needs and requirements of each entrepreneurial learner.

Often, the solution is not clear at first and you wonder how we do it!

That’s why our needs analysis is designed to determine what the underlying reason is for a business or personal hurdle or shortcoming.

You may need guidance and training in just one aspect of your business. You may only need to refresh certain skills, or brush up on others.

Maybe you need to improve your emotional intelligence skills, or learn how to manage your time more productively.

Or you may realise that your personal life is lacking in some area.

Don’t worry, the solution is right in front of you!

Whatever your development needs, MyElearning offers practical and cost-effective solutions.

products and services

The need… and the solution

Most entrepreneurial businesses are not sustainable. Research has proven that 70% to 80% of small owner-run businesses do not even last five years.*

The reasons for failure vary. They can include a lack of self-knowledge or a life that requires more balance. Failure can be due to inadequate business skills, or the absence of know-how in a certain facet of business, such as marketing or sales or record-keeping. Often, the cause of the problem is deeply rooted, and not clear from the effect it has on the business.

We’re about to change this shocking statistic of failure. Not only do we aim to avert failure by employing technology to drive the individual’s business success, we also focus on nurturing personal growth – a holistic approach.

How we do it …

In short, our products and services are designed to assist and guide entrepreneurs on their journey to personal and business success.

The learning material and other offerings on MyElearning.Education have been created to unleash the full potential of serious entrepreneurs and their businesses, and to enable these successful people to enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

The first of these offerings to be released will be a series of online personal and business development courses.

*Source: Dun & Bradstreet and INC. magazine

Your own journey
of learning and discovery

What is this journey of learning and discovery?

We are committed to a journey of growing entrepreneurs.

The journey is planned and executed as a process. It’s a process of guiding the learner from his/her present situation towards the realization of a dream.

So, in short, we guide the entrepreneur/learner through a process to solve his/her problems in order to achieve personal and business well-being and success.

Your journey
is unique

MyElearning’s offering is unique.

How we do it…

We respect that you have unique needs, desires and ambitions – we want to address these by offering you a choice of learning options that can be custom-curated for your particular situation.

We gain insights into your requirements and any problems you may be facing, thanks to the information you have shared with us in your responses to the online questionnaire.