Needs Analysis Tool – Personal Feedback


Are you missing the hidden gold in your business?

We can give you more detailed virtual feedback of the recommendations generated by the Needs Analysis Tool.
This feedback will consist of:
• A 30 to 45 minutes virtual feedback and coaching session by one of our highly qualified coaches
• Plus, a one-page summary of the feedback session.



The completed NAT will give a clear understanding of the most important challenges in your business that is preventing it from growing to te next level.
It takes into consideration real vs perceived problems. Are the problems caused by lack of business knowledge or lack of soft skills and many more?
During the feedback session our coaches will give you feedback of these main challenges you are facing and assist you in prioritize them.
The biggest challenge an entrepreneur normally faces is to get clarity about the biggest problem that prevents his business in growing to the next level and being able to prioritize them. We will assist you in that process and align the solution with you goals and resources.

Once you have purchased your coaching package, we will be in touch to confirm session dates and times.

For a more comprehensive feedback and business coaching solution, please CLICK HERE

becoming a MyElearner.

It is often said that you get what you pay for. Our UNIQUE product options and personalised support ensures that you get VALUE for your money, and more.


We will assist you in identifying the gaps that exist
within your professional and personal spheres of life.

We will make learning product recommendations
based on your unique analysis.

We will provide you with solutions-based learning material
for each topic you sign up for.

We will provide you with options for additional support
along your learning journey. This can include online coaching, options for official certifications through SAQA endorsed courses or contact us to discuss your personalized development journey. Send an e-mail to


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