Why you need to join us on the journey enhancing human potential

Our action plan – using technology to share expertise and enhancing human potential

Founder Freddie Kirsten: “I soon realised that in order to implement my dream of enhancing human potential, I needed a plan to implement my vision. The first thing I needed to do was start off by using my knowledge and the technologies that I have studied to help people in a niche area that I know very well. That area is the integration of entrepreneurial business- and personal development.

It is my well-trodden area of interest, and you can tap into my years of experience and lots of lessons learnt along the way to develop your own business and personal life. So, if you’re an entrepreneur, keep reading. There’s value in this for you. And if you’re a corporate or individual who can mentor others or offer training, here’s an opportunity for you to enhancing human potential.

On the other hand, if your organisation needs to provide effective empowerment in communities read on – our learning platform may be an elegant and cost-effective solution for you. I chose this entrepreneurship niche because it’s what I know best. And, what’s more, this is a niche market that can make a real difference in communities. I was able to test some concepts on a relatively small scale at first. This also allowed me to work on refining the business model, before rolling out the concept to a wider audience.

So, here’s the plan in enhancing human potential…

During the early phases, the focus will be on supporting established entrepreneurs to develop sustainable businesses.

Implementing the knowledge

First, we’ll built a website. It will be called MyElearning.Education. Here, entrepreneurs will answer a few questions to identify their personal or business skill development path. They will access e-learning courses and other training material to develop their personal or business skills.

Enhancing human potential the entrepreneur will be able to choose from a number of complete courses, or simply one or two subject topics. It depends entirely on the individual’s needs. These personal– or business development topics will be especially developed for entrepreneurs that have been in business for a few years. Successful entrepreneurs who have experienced the entrepreneurial journey will share their life-lessons. They will provide real-world insight and business savvy that other entrepreneurs can put into practice right away.

The focus will be on growing sustainable entrepreneurial businesses in the developing world.

Sharing the expertise

Next, we’ll expand the MyElearning.Education platform. More courses and other related products will be added, each aimed at helping entrepreneurs enhancing human potential to optimise their sustainable businesses.

The continued process of enhancing human potential development

While still serving the growing entrepreneur, the strategy will now focus wider. The quest will be to tackle the bigger, more fundamental problem: humankind’s inability to be aware that we can develop our full human potential. To enable this great and important task, my network of colleagues, associates, knowledge providers, subject matter experts, mentors, benefactors and I will use different and newer, next-level technologies, some of which are still being developed.