Why you need to share the inspiration of our prime mover

“My passion is to help people achieve their true potential.”

It’s my way of making a useful contribution to mankind. Hopefully, my efforts will leave the world a better place. And maybe in some way I can help you too, to be the best you can be.  You have probably also wondered about this one big thing that puzzles me so much. It’s about human potential going to waste. It’s about us not doing enough to bring out the best in ourselves. It’s about not developing the potential of other people.Yes, even with all the snowballing growth of knowledge and all the technology we have in the world, we have failed big time to solve one of humankind’s basic problems – Undeveloped Human Potential.

Puzzling, isn’t it?

Do you know what is the biggest, most valuable untapped resource in the world? It’s not gold. It’s not oil. It’s not even water.  It is Undeveloped Human Potential. This failure to develop our inborn potential gives rise to poverty, unemployment and other social problems. The reasons for this failure are many. The flip-side is what encourages me: If we could (and yes, we can) each initiate the process of developing our own untapped skills and talent, we would have the key to a happy, balanced and fulfilling life.

If we could initiate the process of developing the potential of others (and yes, again, we can), we could multiply that happiness, balance and fulfillment. I have much to be grateful for. I grew up on a fruit farm in the idyllic Paarl area of the Cape; studied Economics and Agricultural Economics at the University of Stellenbosch and enjoyed a career in farming and agriculture. I am blessed with three children and eight grandchildren.

After I retired, I felt compelled by the need to put my particular passion, skills and strengths to good use. I was going to create awareness and a desire for others and develop the tools to unlock their latent potential. That’s what I mean by being driven by passion. I simply had to find ways of creating awareness that leads to the discovery and nurturing of the potential within people.There were many hurdles blocking me. I set to work to overcome them – come what may, I was going to invest time and money to learn all I could about the technology required to develop sustainable entrepreneurship.

So, after tons of reading, research, studying and experimenting, I have up skilled and developed my expertise in the latest technologies and required skills that apply to unleashing the business and personal potential of entrepreneurs. During my journey I have built a network of local and international experts who support me in my quest to make a difference. I hope our efforts will make a positive difference to your life too.