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The sustainable growth of your business depends on you.
Every entrepreneur and business has a unique set of challenges that they must address daily.
Our Needs Analysis Tool – a first of its kind – will identify these challenges and develop a unique plan to guide you on your journey of viability.
Let us help you take the first step towards success.

Are you ready to take your business from OK to Awesome?

By combining your own choice of learning units, you’ll find endless possibilities to suit your specific development needs to achieve business success and self-fulfillment.

Transform my

Transform my
personal life

Become the
best me entrepreneur

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your business

Being in business by and for yourself is tough.
We recognise the challenges.

We understand your circumstances.

With our professional network and years of accumulated expertise, we can support you in tackling the challenges, so that you can thrive.

Join us on the journey to becoming a triumpheneur!

Transform my

See programmes and learning units to help you build a thriving business.

Show me the
way to success

Complete your business needs analysis to map a personalised development plan.

How we
do it

See how we can support you to boost your business and achieve your goals.

With MyElearning.Education, your business development journey leads to on-going success

Let’s hit the road to success, together. MyElearning.Education will support and encourage you every step of the way. You will acquire new skills, pick up business insights and even master learnings that are aligned with the NQF of South Africa.

You’ll become a more confident entrepreneur, a better skilled businessperson, and a motivated, successful individual.

transform your
personal life

How to triumph over the hurdles preventing you from growing your inner self.

Improving your personal life through MyElearning.Education is a rewarding step-by-step process of learning and self-discovery.  By selecting from a choice of learning units you can determine your own development and the pace of your personal growth

Each learning unit or topic focuses on transforming a specific personal or life challenge that may be holding you back from achieving success.

Choose the learning unit or topic that closely matches the area you want to improve or transform.

Join us on the journey to personal growth!

Transform my
personal life

Select your own, unique combination of learning units, tailored to your needs.

Show me the
way to success

Complete your needs analysis to map a personalised development plan.

How we
do it

See how we can support you to unlock your full potential.

With MyElearning.Education, your personal development is a rewarding journey to self-fulfilment

Let’s discover what may be holding you back from achieving sustainable personal happiness. First, determine for yourself what success means to you, and then work towards achieving it, learning through a tailor-made program of learning units. Along the way, we’ll support you to overcome limiting self-beliefs or underdeveloped skills that are preventing your progress.

You’ll realise what your strengths are and how to make the most of them. It is a journey of self-discovery that can ultimately lead to true self-fulfilment.

the best me

Your personal life and business life, living in perfect harmony.

Yes, it is possible to experience a healthy balance between a thriving business life and a fulfilled personal life. MyElearning will help you create your own personal and business growth journey to achieve the balance that may be missing in your life. You will acquire the skills to reach this goal by studying units of learning compiled by personal and business development experts.

Structure your own journey of personal and business development, according to your particular circumstances. It’s easy to get started: Choose a single unit of learning, or pick a combination of more than one. Then simply embark on your journey to flourish.

Get Started

See how we tailor an action plan that balances your business and personal life.


We’ll determine your needs and develop a structured plan.

ready to go from
ok to awesome?

Join those who are thriving by following MyElearning.Education’s powerful journey of personal and business development.

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