Why need to grow your human capablities?

At MyElearning.Education we see it as moving from just OK to awesome!

On your journey to reaching your full potential, you will experience a greater quality of life. You will enjoy happiness, creativity and self-actualisation.  Within you, you have the following human capabilities, some of which are more developed than others:

Emotional, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Sensory, Intelligence, IQ, Self-awareness, Self-development, Physical Intellectual, Spiritual

Every human has undeveloped capabilities. Zig Ziglar says that developing these capabilities will help you move from survival to significance in your area of expertise or specific talent.  On a larger scale, the survival of our planet will be determined by developing the capabilities of millions of individuals.

*One of the major factors contributing to socio-economic inequality is the lack of opportunities for the development of human capabilities.

*Development of human capabilities will…open new income opportunities for the poor and unemployed.

*Foster a civilization of happier and socially more balanced people.

Move the individual on this journey from OK to awesome

Why you need to grow your human capabilities