Why an entrepreneur needs a personal development plan

The Personal development Plan for the entrepreneur is a lifelong journey. Invariably, it is a journey through the Maslow hierarchy of needs, navigating all the way up from his most basic physical needs to the highest need of self-actualisation.

This journey implies action, commitment and the willingness to change one’s habits. Change will push the entrepreneur from his/her comfort zone into the unknown new “territory”. Unfortunately the uncertainty of change sometimes creates a resistance with some entrepreneurs.

It is therefore important to assist the entrepreneur in making the commitment to change.

The entrepreneur must be convinced of the benefits that changing those ingrained habits will bring to his/her personal life, social life and business life.

Change must become an irresistible option for the businessperson. He/she must feel compelled to take action to change.

We’ll guide and encourage them through interactive interventions.

We’re exploring new technologies that will offer the entrepreneur even more effective means of help along the way.