This Entrepreneurial Insight will guide you in developing a strong capital structure for your business by planning in advance and taking into consideration important capital elements that apply to your unique business circumstances.  


So what is an Insight?

An Insight consists of short videos followed by practical applications you can apply to your unique circumstances.  The goal of the insight is to assist you with guidance on a specific problem you as an entrepreneur could be facing.

The insight will:

  • Help you to define the problem you are facing
  • Help you understand how this challenge affects your business
  • Give suggestions on how to better handle the chanllenge
  • Reveal what you can do to improve business growth
  • Provide practical guidance for your next steps

This Insight on How to develop strong capital structures for business wealth:

  • How do I plan the capital structure of my business in advance?  
  • How do I keep the cost of capital as low as possible?  
  • How do I get a balance between equity and debt? 

This Insight is for current and aspiring entrepreneurs who need to develop strong capital structures for their business:

 Do any of these questions describe you?

  • Do you need a plan for financing in your business? 
  • Do you need to consider different options for financing? 
  • Have changing circumstances put pressure on the capital structure of your business? 
  • Have the profits of your business come under pressure? 
  • Have you struggled to plan ahead for business financing?
  • Do you struggle with cash flow?
  • Do you want to develop new financing practices for business wealth?
  • Do you want to embrace life-long learning and grow professionally?

Then this Insight on capital structures is for you! 

What is the time that I will invest?

The content videos for this Insight will take 5:36 minutes to watch.

You will need to complete the practical applications to relate the content to your unique situation. These are self-paced activities that you can work on until you have solved the problem you are facing.


 The expert contributor for this insight is Dr Theo van Rooyen.  

Dr. Theo van Rooyen completed his studies at 3 different Tertiary Institutions. He has a DCom in Management Accounting and a Laureatus Technology in Cost Accounting.  

His corporate career matured when he joined one of the financial institutions to manage the financial strategic planning and budgets of the group of companies. 

Over the following 30 years, his entrepreneurial spirit took over and accelerated. He acquired, grew and then sold several businesses including service stations, restaurants and insurance brokers. In 1998 he was nominated as one of the top franchisees in a leading restaurant franchise group. His business experience supported him as registered mentor for small and medium business enterprises to turn around several failing businesses into profitable investments. 

His success as an entrepreneur is built on quality service and quality products supported by well trained staff.   

This Insight aims to solve an identified problem you could be facing in your business as an entrepreneur.  

We present the solution in the form of brief, yet effective, video teachings followed by practical applications to assist you in translating the solution to your unique situation.  

You will need to 

  • Watch the teaching video 
  • Complete the practical application that follows 
  • Explore any additional resources for added value
  • Take time to reflect on how you will apply what you have learned in your own business 


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