Are you satisfied with the growth of your business?


Our product offering:

  • Complete the Needs Analysis Tool
  • Our coaches will give a 45-minute virtual personal feedback back.
  • Plus, a one-page report with suggestions.
  • Cost: R1 495.00
  • Download the Personal and Business Evaluation for free!
  • The evaluation will assist you in a practical way to learn and apply the lessons from the “Will your business survive for 100 years?” webinar in your business: How to manage a thriving, growing, sustainable business.
  • This evaluation will include:
    • A questionnaire to evaluate your business readiness for the challenges of the 21st century
    • The Needs Analysis Tool Info pack.
    • Four separate quizzes to guide you in evaluating your entrepreneurial characteristics


becoming a MyElearner.

It is often said that you get what you pay for. Our UNIQUE product options and personalised support ensures that you get VALUE for your money, and more.


We will assist you in identifying the gaps that exist
within your professional and personal spheres of life.

We will make learning product recommendations
based on your unique analysis.

We will provide you with solutions-based learning material
for each topic you sign up for.

We will provide you with options for additional support
along your learning journey. This can include online coaching, options for official certifications through SAQA endorsed courses or contact us to discuss your personalized development journey. Send an e-mail to


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