In this topic you will learn how important it is to get the financial support you need to get yourself established in your professional career as an artist.

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In this topic you will learn how important it is to get the financial support you need to get yourself established in your professional career as an artist.

This topic aims to increase your understanding of artrepreneurship and practices by solving the following problems:

  • How can I finance my business?
  • Who do I as a creative Artrepreneur approach for financial support?
  • Do I need a fiancial plan for my business?
  • How can I afford pursuing my art as a career?
  • What financing strategies can help me move forward as an artist?

This topic is for current and aspiring artists who need financial support for their creative dreams and plans.

Do any of these questions describe you?

  • Are you a current or aspiring artist?
  • Are you a streetwise Artrepreneur?
  • Do you struggle with financial concepts but find you need to make financial decisions for your business?
  • Are you stuck without financial support for your artistic plans?
  • Do you feel you have run out of options to find financial support?
  • Are you looking for financial strategies to move forward in your creative career?
  • Do you want to remain relevant as creative entrepreneurs in an every changing creative and business landscape?
  • Do you want to embrace life-long learning as a necessity for progress?

Then this topic is for you!

This is an online course with learning material and assignments.  The duration is based on your own pace and motivation.

This time commitment includes working through online content, completing assessments, reflection activities and any additional reading and enrichment activities to translate the content into your current situation.

We do not sell generic courses, but rather aim to provide solutions to your unique problems and specific knowledge gaps. It is therefore possible to purchase the parts of this course that are most relevant to you.

The products that exist within this course are as follows:

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Lukas de Beer

He completed his master’s degree (MPhil Management Coaching) at the University of Stellenbosch Business School and was appointed as a Peak Performance Coach for the Tony Robbins organization in 2017.

In 2016 he published ARTREPRENEUR: A Field Guide For Creative Professionals that was quoted in FORBES magazine in 2017.

His debut album STORM OP JUPITER was nominated for a GHOEMA 2015 award for BEST NEWCOMER.

He’s written numerous #1hits on various stations and has music videos play listed on DSTV. He also made TV appearances on Expresso Breakfast Show, JUKEBOX and JAM. He is also a regular speaker at the MUSIC EXCHANGE conference in Cape Town.

Between 2012 and 2014 Lukas was anchor presenter of the breakfast show on Radio Cape Pulpit 729AM, in Cape Town.  He co-owns StoneBear & Mayor Music, as boutique record label in Stellenbosch and produces music for artists, film & television.

He resides in Somerset West with his wife and their three children.

Every course consists of a series of topics that aim to solve problems you could be facing in your business as an entrepreneur. Each topic contains a number of lessons, each with a variety of activities and resources designed to aid your learning process.

  • Work through the content in each lesson
  • Take time to complete the progress quizzes to check your understanding
  • Explore any additional resources to gain access to valuable sources
  • Take time to reflect how you will apply the knowledge in your own business

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