Series of Online Training Programs for Artrepreneurs for Individuals


Get access to these 38 programs for a period of 6 months.


  • This program is a comprehensive guide for creative professionals who want to think like entrepreneurs, pursue a creative career and monetize their creative passion.
  •  The program is about assisting creative professionals to understand that they are the business and not only the artist.
  •  It facilitates the intersection between being an artist and being an entrepreneur.
  • Your desire to create authentic art and your need to earn an income.
  • It thus bridges the gap between creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • It nurtures the understanding that you do not have to lose the magic of creativity to effectively manage the harshness of the real world.


Our training program offers insights, resources and tools that will help you develop a creative business mindset and turn your passion into a successful career. Whether you are a painter, musician, writer, or designer.

The Series of Artepreneur training programs has everything you need to succeed.

  1. Series of 38 mini online training programs focus on the needs of the artist that monetizes his/her unique talent.
  2. Each training program focuses on a specific challenge and the solutions the artist will face in monetizing his/her unique talent.
  3. The framework of a mini course:


The structured approach to learning through mini courses, combined with various components like introductions, activities, resources, quizzes, and reflection, provides a comprehensive and actionable learning experience for entrepreneurs. It allows you to acquire knowledge, apply it to real-world situations, and continuously improve your business practices.


  •  Video and Text; Each mini course begins with a video and text. It provides an overview of the topic, setting the context and explaining its relevance to your business.
  • Activities and resources: The mini course include various activities and resources to facilitate your learning process. These can include exercises, case studies, or practical assignments. Engaging with these activities helps you apply the knowledge and concepts you are learning directly to your business context.
  • Quizzes: To ensure comprehension quiz will assess your understanding of the material covered by completing these quizzes, you can gauge your learning and reinforce your understanding of the topic.
  • Additional resources: Alongside the main course materials, there are additional resources available for you to explore. These resources can provide valuable insights, alternative perspectives, or expert advice on the topic. By delving into these supplementary materials, you can broaden your understanding and gain access to various sources of information.
  • Reflection and application: The mini course encourage you to reflect on how you will apply the knowledge you have acquired in your own business. This step is crucial as it helps you bridge the gap between theory and practice. By considering practical applications and adapting the concepts to your specific business challenges, you can make the most of your learning and drive meaningful change in your entrepreneurial endeavours.

The various Topics covered in the Series of Online Training Programs for Artrepreneurs:

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