How to take your business to the next level?

Do you know that the biggest success factor for small businesses is the entrepreneur itself?

Small businesses owners are faced with many hurdles – some are personal and some relate to the environment. We can help you overcome your biggest personal and professional stumbling blocks. You may be stressed, struggling to find work-life balance, or lacking financial know-how to take your business form OK to Awesome. Our unique Needs Analysis Tool (NAT for short) will help you identify which personality traits are holding you back, and which business skills you lack.

The test takes about 10 minutes and you will receive the result by email.


Myelearning.Education aims to help entrepreneurs create more successful businesses to help economic growth and job creation in developing countries. We do this by enabling entrepreneurs to empower themselves.

We offer courses within business development and personal development, and you can choose to study specific topics that are relevant for you, e.g. how to improve your communication skills, how to better understand the effect of the national economy on your business, or how to achieve your goals with effective time management. See more courses and topics here.

Why choose MyElearning.Education?

We do not want to be just another e-learning platform and we have therefore developed our very own Need Analysis Tool (NAT) that will tell you which skills you can improve to take your business to the next step. The tool is free and only takes about 10 minutes.

Click on the button below to access our unique NAT to unlock your hidden potential and to discover the skills that will ensure your success.